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Located outside of Hellertown, PA
at 4216 Countryside Lane
in the Township of Lower Saucon

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*** UPCOMING EVENT: Firefighting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1741-1917 **
Wednesday November 8th, 2017

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Time did not stand still in Lower Saucon Township and as farms and buildings passed from owner to owner there were significant changes that took place. Many early century buildings were lost or destroyed while others went through alterations or additions.

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Many of these buildings lost key parts of their architecture and to rebuild those missing elements has been a real challenge. In most cases, reconstructions are only accomplished with early photos or sketches and after hours of architectural research and archaeological work.

Our older buildings are psychologically important reference points in a changing urban environment. These diverse remnants tell us where we came from as a township and as people. They help give Lower Saucon Township its sense of place and identity. And once they are gone, they are gone forever.

lutz franklin bell tower"You can't stop progress," we are told, but we can redefine what "progress" is. It need not mean plundering our past for things bigger and better. As we approach the 21st century, we must make room for the preservation of human values which includes a more intelligent stewardship of the history that is written in the building blocks of our township.

Learn more about Lower Saucon on our history page.

Upcoming Events

Another great presentation!
Firefighting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1741-1917

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Weds. Nov 8th, 2017 @ 7:00 PM
Seidersville Hall, Bethlehem, PA
Come on out for an evening of historical fun!

Come out, support us and have a good time!
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Dedication of Ella's Garden (October 5, 2013)


2016-17 Officers, Board of Directors

President - Sandra Yerger
Vice President - Carol Ortwein
Treasurer - Frank Fabian
Secretary - Rita Ernst

Board of Directors
Ilhan Citak (Education)
Rita Ernst (
Education Docent)
Frank Fabian
Jody Hijazi (
Sue Horiszny (
Development, Education, Kingston Park)
Sally Murphy (
Corresp. Secretary)
Carol Ortwein (
Education, Docent)
John Ortwein (
Honorary Member)
Fran Robb (
Acquisitions/Exhibits, Facilities)
Deborah Ronca
Gwen Singer (
Education, Docent)
Martha Sterling (Education, Docent & Hospitality)
Sandra Yerger (Grants & Development)

2016-17 Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Dr. Patricia Coughlin
Priscilla deLeon
Ron Horiszny
Michael Karabin
Dr. Richard Kingston
Thomas Maxfield
Ken Raniere
Karen Samuels
Christine Ussler
Sandra Yerger

Committee Chairs
Cheryl Kazan -
(vacant) - Membership

(vacant) -
Archive Room/Website
Karen Samuels -
Public Relations, Newsletter
Cyan Fink - LSTHS Office Manager/Secretary


Please Drop off all of your:

 Junk mail, Magazines, Shopping catalogs,  Newspaper, Office and school papers.

 NOT Allowed: PHONE BOOKS, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Cardboard, Trash

This is a great way to support your community and environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill. 40% of everything in the landfill is paper - let's change that.

The different types of paper do not have to be separated and you do not have to remove staples! You may save and dispose of your recycling materials in either paper or plastic grocery bags; however, if you use plastic bags please do not tie them shut as they tend to jam the shredding machine.Lutz Franklin school

      Recycling Program Updates

Paper retrieval bins have been placed in the Saucon Valley area as a fundraiser for the Lower Saucon Township Historical Society. The bright yellow and green bins are located at:

Lower Saucon Township Municipal Complex
Saucon Valley School District Campus
Dewey Fire Company
SeWyCo Fire Co (enter from Rt. 378)

According to past Abitibi's statistics, we help save 17 trees per recycled ton. We've now recycled over 1,100,000 pounds of paper and have saved over 9383 trees!

One ton of recycled paper absorbs 250 pounds of carbon dioxide, saves 7000 gallons of water, and saves 4000 kilowatt hours of energy.

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Mission Statement
The Lower Saucon Township Historical Society seeks to preserve and maintain the Lutz-Franklin Schoolhouse as an example of 19th century Pennsylvania architecture, to utilize it as a place of public education, to acquire, conserve and archive artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, recordings and ephemera relevant to the history of Lower Saucon Township and to make them available for research, study and education.

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How to get to Lutz Franklin School:

How to get to Seidersville Hall:
Our monthly meetings
are held the 2nd Wednesday each month at 7:00pm at Seidersville Hall located at the Lower Saucon Township Municipal Complex at 3700 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bethlehem, PA. To get there:


From Route 22 take PA 378 South towards Bethlehem. After crossing the Hill-to-Hill bridge, with its steel superstructure, continue south on Route 378 up the mile-long hill to the top. After crossing the top of the hill and starting down the hill about 1 block, bear to the right onto the two-lane road (Old Philadelphia Pike) and continue past the stop intersection for about two city blocks to Town Hall on the right.

FROM THE SOUTH From Route 309, turn onto Route 378 North and continue northward for about three miles. After you pass under the I-78 overpass, turn left at the traffic signal on to Black River Road. At the stop sign turn right onto Old Philadelphia Pike. Continue northbound for about two city blocks to Town Hall on the left.
FROM I-78 Interstate 78 West to Hellertown/Bethlehem Exit 67. Follow Route 412 South, which becomes Main Street in Hellertown. Turn right at traffic light at Water Street, which becomes Friedensville Road after crossing Saucon Creek. Follow Friedensville Road to Hickory Hill Road. Continue straight ahead to Route 378. Continue through the traffic signal to the stop sign at Old Philadelphia Pike. Turn left and continue downhill on Old Philadelphia Pike for about two city blocks to Town Hall on the right.

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